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Let’s Talk About Sports
Do you really love watching sports? I do. But what I love more is talking about sports. So we have to come up with a brilliant topic that won’t make me bored. Maybe, we can recommend the best sports gifts on the market?

You’ve always been interested in sports, but never knew how to get started. That’s okay — we’ll help you out. The first step to getting into sports is figuring out which sport(s) you want to watch, and we’re going to focus on the four major North American-based sports: NFL , NBA , NHL and MLB . Now I get it if you haven’t heard of any of these sports before; after all, the UK doesn’t have a professional football league, and I was born in 1996 (oops). But if you do recognize any of these leagues, that’s great! Let’s talk about them.

I know that not everybody out there loves sports as much as I do. Seriously, I’ve met people who don’t even like sports. I haven’t met one yet, but unlike my parents always said growing up, one of these days I’m going to meet someone who doesn’t love sports. And when that day comes, I’m going to give them a giant bear hug and tell them just how much joy sports has brought me and so many others in this world.
My long-suffering love affair with the NBA
It’s hard to start this article without sounding like I’m ranting, but here we go. The NBA is my love/hate relationship. The things I love about it make the things I hate about it so much worse — and vice versa. I’ve been a basketball junkie since I was a little boy, and that hasn’t changed over the last 33 years. It only gets worse with every year that passes. So, what’s my problem? It’s every team owner in the league—and also every player, for that matter. No one seems to take responsibility for anything anymore.
Why Golden State Warriors Are So Great!
The Golden State Warriors are really good at basketball. They won a record 73 games last season and just broke the record for the most wins to start a season with 16. They are currently on pace to break their own record in 2016, as they are dominating opponents with a 12-0 record. This article discusses why this team is so great.
The Portland Trail Blazers Remind You That Nothing Is Impossible
The Portland Trail Blazers have one of the best fan bases in the NBA. They’re loyal, loud, and highly energetic. In addition, the Trail Blazers have a history of making incredible comebacks to win games when all seems lost – something that has been instilled into their small-market team since their early beginnings in the 1970s.The team’s slogan, “Rise with Us,” has nothing to do with elevators and everything to do with the Never Say Never mentality that has made the franchise such a successful one. Today, we’ll be taking a look at why that mindset is such an important part of being a Portland Trail Blazer fan
Reasons Why I Love The Boston Celtics
The Boston Celtics have been around for more than 100 years. And since 1960, they have won 8 championships. For a team that has been through so much and even managed to bring almost every other NBA franchise at some point or another, I thought it would be fun to share ten reasons why I love the Boston Celtics.
With A Warrior’s Heart and Mind, Draymond Green is Shooting for the Stars
If you are familiar with the NBA – or, at least, the Golden State Warriors – then you know Draymond Green. His work on the court is legendary and he is sure to go down as one of the all-time greats. He’s a phenomenal power forward and he can shoot from anywhere on the floor. That shooting ability is something we’re going to look at a little closer as we learn about his basketball mind.
Klay Thompson — The Wit and Wisdom of An NBA Champion
Klay Thompson is a player who’d be easy to underestimate. At 6’7″, his height puts him squarely at the half-man, half-amazing level. His game, too, is a salmagundi of otherworldly prowess and touch-and-go off days. After all, he shot 20 percent in Game 6 of the NBA Finals — and still hit 27 points in 17 minutes. Still, Klay’s imprint on this Warriors run—the brilliance of his scoring punch—is undeniable. In that sense, Klay Thompson is the player we need in this particular moment in Warriors history: a guy capable of punching above his weight class (literally) when it counts most.
Find Your Favorite NBA Team Shirt
Looking to find the best NBA shirt to support your favorite team? Your search ends here! Not only will you help to take care of the planet, but you’ll save money by shopping smarter. It’s true, your choice of attire can influence how people perceive your fashion industry knowledge, and a T-shirt will go a long way.
How To Buy The Perfect NBA Jersey
The NBA is a big market. This makes it even more difficult to choose the perfect NBA jersey for your collection. The NBA has the biggest and most loyal fans in the world, but their loyalty and trust can be easily broken. Don’t break their trust by purchasing a counterfeit jersey because this will not last long. The best way to make sure you’re buying an authentic NBA jersey is by knowing how to spot a fake-and avoiding them like the plague they are.
NBA Hoodie Covers You Can Print Off
The NBA Hoodie is a popular right now. It has been seen on countless celebs and is worn by the players. You can easily make your own NBA hoodie, which is great if you’ve got someone in mind that you want to give as a gift, or if you’re making one for yourself. This article will teach you about the types of supplies that may be required to get started with printing an NBA hoodie.
MLB My Secret Love
Hey Babe, want to know something about me? I’ve been in love with a Major League Baseball player for the past 5 years. But I haven’t told him. Yet. Loving someone when you’re both married to somebody else is never easy. This is why I decided to channel my passion for sports and write a book about how awesome it would be if baseball let players have wives and girlfriends on the field. I know it’s not realistic, but that’s never stopped me!

I sent my wishes on the winds but they were nowhere to be found. I asked if they’d wait for me but they didn’t answer my prayers. So I wrote in a secret place, the only place that was safe. I wrote your name over and over again so no one would see, because no one would understand what I felt for you. And though it might seem kind of silly, this vow will never die because my love for you will always stay.
Kansas City Royals First Pitch Performances
Kansas City Royals fans have been treated to some bad baseball over the years. There have been a lot of very bad seasons, and even some historically bad years. But there have also been bright spots over the years — like when Bret Saberhagen won the Cy Young Award in 1985. Or when George Brett had his 500th career home run. Or when they won their first World Series title in 1985.
Reasons Why You Should Become a Los Angeles Dodgers Fan
Like most of America, I’m a baseball fan. And if you’re a fan of the sport you might be familiar with the team in the City of Angels, the Los Angeles Dodgers. After all, they are one of only 16 teams still playing (okay they were eliminated in the playoffs today, but they’ll be back next year). Join me as I tell you why you should become a Dodger’s fan this baseball season.
How The Miami Marlins Made It To The World Series
Wow, look at this — the Florida Marlins are famous! I have to be honest, I’ve only lived in Florida for five years but I’m a huge sports fan and the first time I heard of the Florida Miami Marlins was from my parents and friends a few months ago. There hasn’t been much excitement over baseball in Florida since the late 90s, so this felt like a new era for me. The fact that they were going to be playing in the World Series made me excited because sports are my favorite thing in the world (and baseball is one of my favorite sports).
Meet San Diego’s 22-Year-Old Outfielder And Ace, Joey Lucchesi
Pitcher, Joey Lucchesi, is the ace of the San Diego Padres’ farm team, and will be playing in the MLB this season Seung-Hwan Oh Jersey , starting on Thursday. But many of you might not understand baseball or appreciate the effort that goes into a player’s performance. Or, maybe you’re like me: never knew what baseball was until a few weeks ago. I spent some time doing research to see if there was a concrete way to evaluate Lucchesi’s pitching talent and his journey to the majors. And I found one!
Shawn Armstrong, Pitching For The Future
Shawn Edward Armstrong, born August 11, 1983, is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball (MLB). He was called up to the majors for the first time on May 6, 2009. That year he made his debut on June 23 against the Detroit Tigers and earned his first major league win. He was voted 2009’s top reliever in the Eastern League (Double-A) by Baseball America following the season.
NFL Football: Facts, Numbers, & History
When we think about the NFL, we generally have a head full of images: The Super Bowl. The Running Back. Quarterbacks. The Gridiron. Touchdowns. Plays. Blocked field goals. Points and scores . . . But do you sometimes wonder if there’s more to the game than just what you see on television? Do you like learning fun, new trivia facts? Welcome to the NFL! We’re happy you’re here and hope that this blog will prove to be beneficial in your quest for information about football (including its history, players, rules, etc.).

Everybody has a favorite team in the NFL. Whether you like the New England Patriots or the West Coast Eagles, you always have fun watching your team play.   I’m sure you have so much pride in your home team that you already know all of their records, who are the top players, and know every detail about whatever history they happen to have. But this is also a great article for you because it’s often hard to follow, and lose track of, all of the names and numbers throughout a given football season, which can make things even more enjoyable for you if you really want to immerse yourself into it, particularly if you are planning on betting on any games this season. So congratulations – you’ve come to the right place!
My All Time Favorite Kansas City Chiefs
Who doesn’t love football? I do, and I’m pretty sure you do too. Football is like a magnet,connecting people together. Even if you don’t follow the game, you might know that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the greatest teams in the NFL in terms of winning championships. Or you may have heard about three of their prominent players: Derrick Thomas, Christian Okoye, and Marcus Allen. However, just doesn’t want to take my words for it as let me prove that they’re the best!

The Kansas City Chiefs are an American Football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs were an original member of the American Football League (AFL), which began play in 1960. The team was originally known as the Dallas Texans. They were named after their hometown of Dallas, Texas. Later on they moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs when they joined the NFL in 1970.
Why I’m Thankful For The Philadelphia Eagles
I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of talk about the Philadelphia Eagles lately. Whether it be about their win against the New England Patriots or something else, chances are if you’re reading this you’ve probably seen something about them. The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t just talked about because of that amazing comeback against the New England Patriots, but also because they are the underdogs. Big fan or not, I’m thankful for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Things I’ve Learned From The Buffalo Bills
I’m just a Bills fan, like most of us. I’ve cared about our team my entire life, started caring about the team in the ’80s, and remember every bad thing that has happened since. Recently someone asked me for things I learned from the Bills. Well, there were so many lessons it’d take a book to explain everything I’ve learned from this team over the years. So instead of writing a book, I’ll write down a few of my favorite important things I learned from football.

As a Buffalo Bills fan, it’s been tough to watch such a great team win just one Super Bowl in the past 25 years. Yet, there have been so many things I’ve learned from the organization over the years.
Minnesota Vikings: What’s Next?
The season is over. And if you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, it was a roller coaster of emotions. Many fans had high hopes for the team. Looking at the schedule, all signs pointed to a playoff run. Then quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down with a devastating knee injury and everything changed. You could tell from that moment on, the air went out of TCF Bank Stadium…the home field advantage we were so used to seemed nonexistent and with each game that passed, it felt like hitting rock bottom got easier and easier… These words will resonate with many Vikings fans who are feeling frustrated, disillusioned and disappointed with their favorite team.
Jalen Ramsey Destroys Any NFL Threat He Encounters
Jalen Ramsey is already one of the best cornerbacks in the league, but now he’s on track to be the best NFL player of all time. It’s not just his full body tattoos and extremely crisp beard. Ramsey possesses a swagger that keeps him on top of his game. He’s confident and unafraid to take on the biggest threats in any sport: LeBron James, Tom Brady, and even Michael Jordan (no one is arguing this one)

I’ll admit it… I thought Jalen Ramsey was overrated. He was good at Carolina, but no matter who you lined up against him, he could shut them down. I checked out his tape from last year with the Jaguars and still wasn’t impressed. I didn’t like his fundamentals and how long of a stride he ran with, which looked slow and unathletic. However, someone can look slow and unathletic if they’re either too light or they don’t use their hands, feet and hips properly in their drills and techniques. That didn’t appear to be the case with Ramsey, so I decided to check out his 2016 game film against a decent set of wide receivers to see what all the fuss was about.
Why I Love Jonathan Taylor
The NFL’s reigning champion rusher, Taylor’s second season was nothing short of amazing in an age where the league continues to thrive through the air. Not only did Taylor’s 1,811 rushing yards lead the league by a whopping 552 yards, but the 23-year-old found the end zone more than any player in 2021 with 20 total touchdowns (18 rushing). His 360 receiving yards off 40 receptions also made Taylor the league’s scrimmage-yard leader, amounting to his first All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors. Leading the league with an astounding 50 10-plus-yard runs according to Next Gen Stats, Taylor’s big-play capability sets him apart from the rest; having the foresight to use his blockers efficiently, possessing the balance to break tackles and having the breakaway speed for those long gains. The breakout season from the young Colts star justly earns Jonathan Taylor the top running back ranking on the Top 100.
NFL Custom Shirts – Personalized For You
NFL Custom Shirts – Personalized League or Team T-Shirts are a great way to show team spirit and bring everyone together. From customizing t-shirts for the season to making a custom shirt for your company or special event, we offer a variety of options.

T-shirts are in. It’s been a staple style for years and it even makes a great present for yourself or for others. It has evolved, however, from its original form.
NFL Custom Jersey for your favorite team
That’s right! I’m talking about an actual NFL jersey for your favorite team. How cool is that? You can have the exact same jersey as your favorite player or wear it to a game and be the talk of the town. It’s all the fun of being in the NFL without any of the hastle of learning how to play.

Custom NFL Jerseys that use your favorite team’s colors and logo are a great way to support your favorite NFL football team. These jerseys can be worn by you on game day or even while watching football at home. You can express your passion for the team with pride.
Why The Ravens Are My Favorite NFL Team
As a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, I feel like it’s my duty to inform the rest of you who aren’t fans why the ravens are so great. Now, before you get all huffy, let me just say that I know that if you were ever to consider becoming a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, it’s not because you happened to read an article about them on this blog.
What To Expect At Your First Arizona Cardinals Game
It’s that time of year again. Football season is in full swing, and you’re ready to head out to the Arizona Cardinals Stadium to watch a live NFL game! Want some tips on what to expect at your first Arizona Cardinals game? This post will give you an idea of what it’s like at the stadium. You’ll learn how crowded or empty it can get, how good or bad the restrooms are and more tips on the overall experience. If you enjoy the post and want to find out when the next home game is, check out our  Arizona Cardinals schedule , where we’ve conveniently posted both upcoming home and road games.
My Home Team, The Atlanta Falcons
I have a home team, it’s not your classic American sports team like the Red Sox or the Broncos. But they play in the most popular sport in the United States. My favorite football team is the Atlanta Falcons. For those who follow football closely can understand how awesome this is. The Falcons are one of the teams that left America in search of a newer better life and landed in Georgia just a few years ago. I’m talking about when there were only 12 teams and 2 conferences but gave us some unforgettable moments of greatness. If you are new to the Atlanta Falcons. You might ask what makes them so great if they have only had 21 winning seasons and 3 conference titles in 43 years? That’s simple, it’s because of their fans!